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Daniel Matteo
Junge Europäische Föderalisten Deutschland e.V.
23:53 Uhr

Federal Europe

Calls for "more Europe" have become louder, but what that exactly means often remains unspecified. Federalism is one possible solution and it is the key principle that JEF has advocated for over 60 years. But how does a federal Europe look like? More importantly, what can be done to achieve such a federal Europe - from decisions at government level down to grassroot activities? It is these ques ➔ Show full article …


08.06.2012 - 13:44 Niklas Kramer
Les Jeunes Européens - France
2 Articles

10. – How to achieve a federation? What are the next steps?

Dear friends,

I would like to bring the discussion up to the next level, asking concrete questions about how to achieve a further integration, whereas indeed I would say that the so called final status of Europe comes closer and closer and there are less and less competencies to be given up.

While we now are talking, it seems that the political leaders literally talk in our name right now, ➔ Show full article …


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22.05.2012 - 13:05 Linn Selle
Junge Europäische Föderalisten Deutschland e.V.
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9. – President issues

the question of whether we want a European president or not is not the main issue here, it rather stands for the question of what Europe we want in the future --> a state-like structure or something else, as Daniel has pointed out above.
to my mind federalism stands as well for the EU slogan "united in diversity" as well as the German Länder do not have the same holidays due to cultural reas ➔ Show full article …


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21.05.2012 - 11:33 Maxime Walinski
Cité scolaire Léo Ferré Gourdon
4 Articles

8. – Ein Präsident für Europa?

Ein Präsident für Europa? Wir sind dagegen, weil wir die verschidenen Regime respectieren wollen (Democratien und Monarchien). Wir wollen die verschiedenen Kulturen, Sprachen und Värungen schützen. Ausserdem haben die Englander das Euro abgelehnt und das zeigt, dass sie nicht mit einem Präsidenten in Europa wollen. Die Bildung dieses Bundeslandes bringt ein brutale Veränderung der Lebensbed ➔ Show full article …


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02.05.2012 - 19:26 Daniel  Matteo
Daniel Matteo
Junge Europäische Föderalisten Deutschland e.V.
4 Articles

7. – RE: Federalism yes - intergovernmentalism no

Absolutely agree with you and particularly on the heading! I am happy to see that there are federalists out there, even if they are not in JEF :) (or maybe you are?).

Maybe there is one potentially controverial issue: Does Europe need to become a ’state’? If we talk about a ’federal Europe’, do we mean a ’European federal state’? You talked of a ’federal state’ and most JEFers would al ➔ Show full article …


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27.04.2012 - 14:38 Inga Wachsmann
Citizen for Europe e.V.
16 Articles

6. – Our last common activity: A press release on the Schengen-question


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26.04.2012 - 11:08 Ludo Bolling
European Youth Parliament
4 Articles

5. – Federalism yes, intergovernmentalism no

When it comes to Europe, I think further integration is an almost inevitable process for most countries. In recent years, a shift of powers has taken place. China has become much more powerful and will probably be the most powerful nation on earth in the near future. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States do not see the urge for a strong alliance with the European states.

This ➔ Show full article …


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20.04.2012 - 15:22 Anne-Sophie Barreau
Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
64 Articles

4. – Daniel and Joaquin already started discussing. Don’t hesitate to join them!

„What kind of federalism?“, “Is it possible for citizens to participate on a European level and, if yes, how can we improve that?” and what is more important regarding the motto "United in diversity", "diversity" or "unity"?

Daniel and Joaquin already started discussing the idea of federalism in Europe. Don’t hesitate to join them!

Daniel, which definition of “federalism� ➔ Show full article …


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03.04.2012 - 12:02 Joaquin  Rodriguez Alvarez
Joaquin Rodriguez Alvarez
United Explanations
4 Articles

3. – Regionalism and multilevel governance

Related with your comment I think that an option that should be explored is the implementation of multilevel governance tools that can provide a more complete participation framework for EU citizens.
In 2009 the Committee of the Regions has elaborated the “White paper on multilevel governance” (document that you can find here: full article …

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02.04.2012 - 23:53 Daniel  Matteo
Daniel Matteo
Junge Europäische Föderalisten Deutschland e.V.
4 Articles

2. – Not a super-state, but subsidiarity

That is a good question: what kind of federalism? It is a question that we are going to debate in this group, and it is a question that we debate Europe-wide in JEF. There are different ideas out there about what "federalism" means. I think the most extreme interpretation is that federalism is equal to a "super-state". Especially in the United Kingdom that is the most common understanding. In ➔ Show full article …


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02.04.2012 - 18:28 Joaquin  Rodriguez Alvarez
Joaquin Rodriguez Alvarez
United Explanations
4 Articles

1. – But, what kind of federalism?

Nowadays when the major part of scholars or European political officers speak about federalism, they are so limited to ancient conceptions of sovereignty that plays a role of constraint and an excuse for a real European Union. It’s true that the origin of Europe is a state union, but the most recent evolution, the role of the parliament and some other institutions show us another possibilities, ➔ Show full article …


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