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Hannah Kessler
North London Collegiate School Edgware
12:47 Uhr

Nationalism or Patriotism?

It was recently St George’s day, a day for British people to celebrate the country. However, strong supporters of the St George’s day are seen as offenive at times. This is because there is a fine line between supporting the country and believing that only people who are natives deserve to be there. I personally believe that everyone has a right to enjoy every country and that St George’s day, ➔ Show full article …


24.06.2012 - 18:09 Hayley Lancaster
Caerphilly County Borough, Caerphilly C.C.B., United Kingdom
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2. – Patriotism over nationalism

I totally agree Hannah. I’m English although live in Wales and I am at times really envious of how patriotic Welsh people are... on St David’s Day there’s such a carnival atmosphere with everyone enjoying themselves to celebrate the day of their patron saint.

Yet St George’s Day in England seems to be something different altogether. I believe that because this small minority use this day i ➔ Show full article …


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22.06.2012 - 16:42 Myriam Rennert
Lycée Galilée Combs-la-Ville
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1. – Emigrants

I agree, these concepts become often confued, because people don’t understand how much they need each person living in the country (they need them for all the work they do, they need them to pay the pension when they are retired...). I believe that racism should not have any place in our society.


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