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Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
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Answers of the week: Europe and democracy

Mónica Ferrín, Valeria Camia, Antoinette Scherz and Karima Bousbah from DemocracyNet are answering your questions!

In the chat interview they explain what exactly is DemocracyNet and what they do in this group:

Chat interview with Karima Bousbah and Mónica Ferrín on DemocracyNet (18.06.12)

Henriette Heimbach: What is DemocracyNet doing exactly?

Karima Bousbah: basically, we ➔ Show full article …

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03.07.2012 - 10:20 EXPERT Mónica  Ferrín
EXPERT Mónica Ferrín
1 Articles

1. – Answer to Inga Wachsmann

Les mouvements et les initiatives en Europe qui expriment le mécontentement de la politique et de la situation socio-économique, reflètent-ils la revendication de plus de participation politique ? Sont-ils une critique de la situation économique actuelle ?
Sont-ils une critique de l’évolution de nos sociétés ? (Inga Wachsmann, Citizens for Europe)

Ma réponse :
Qu’est ➔ Show full article …


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03.07.2012 - 10:43 EXPERT Karima   Bousbah
EXPERT Karima Bousbah
1 Articles

2. – Answer to Inga Wachsmann

What balance between parliamentary democracy and direct democracy? (Inga Wachsmann, Citizens for Europe)

My answer :
Direct democracy is oftentimes a controversial topic of discussion. The tension arises from the different understanding of the role to be played by the people, the citizens. While in a country like Switzerland the people are empowered to decide on central topics, in ➔ Show full article …

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03.07.2012 - 13:07 EXPERT Valeria  Camia
EXPERT Valeria Camia
1 Articles

3. – Antwort auf Ann-Katrin Meiser

Wie können wir als "einfache Gemeinschaft" die Ideen Europas wie z.B. Demokratie, europäische Identität etc. unterstützen und weiterbringen? (Ann-Katrin Meiser, Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium Ludwigsburg)

Meine Antwort :
Es gibt einen beträchtlichen Abstand zwischen den Handlungen und Forderungen derer, die selbst an europäischen Institutionen beteiligt sind und "uns", gewöh ➔ Show full article …

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03.07.2012 - 16:41 EXPERT Antoinette Scherz
1 Articles

4. – Answer to Inga Wachsmann

Does a national democratic deficit have spillovers to European democracy or vice-versa? Can European democracy have positive effects on national democracy? (Inga Wachsmann, Citizens for Europe)

My answer :
To answer the question it has to be clarified first whether there is a European democratic deficit or not and whether there are national democratic deficits. First, the literatu ➔ Show full article …


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26.07.2012 - 17:59 Inga Wachsmann
Citizen for Europe e.V.
16 Articles

5. – interesting article on the state of the art of democracy in Europe - comment by Dr. Petra Bendel


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