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Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
11:36 Uhr

European citizens’ initiative launched 1st April

By Dr. Stefan Seidendorf, Franco-German Institute

Participating in Europe? Quite easy now! Starting 1st April (not a joke!) the European citizens’ initiative allows EU citizens to call on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal – but take care! To “call on” does not mean to “oblige” the Commission, and a “legislative proposal” is not the equivalent of law! Beside ➔ Show full article …

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06.06.2012 - 16:36 Inga Wachsmann
Citizen for Europe e.V.
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2. – First ECIs published, first ECI rejected, no ECI ready to be signed

In the days of 9-11 May the first 6 ECIs were published by the European Commission meaning that they are approved and ready for the 12 months of signature collection ( on June 1st, the first ECI (on nuclear energy, read the reaction of the organisers here: was rejected and still non of thShow full article …


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27.04.2012 - 14:15 Inga Wachsmann
Citizen for Europe e.V.
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1. – Civil society campaigning for ECI for a long time already

Civil society organisations and European citizens are campaigning for a user-friendly and really participatory and democratic ECI for a long time already. They were there during the Convention at the beginning of the 2000’, during the negotiation of the Lisbon treaty, had an important role for the design of the ECI and are still present today to make it function and improve it. Some NGOs joined ➔ Show full article …


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