Tips for getting along with each other

  • Please be polite.
  • Please do not offend anybody.
  • Signal humour or irony.
  • Be kind and considerate when you write about others.
  • Please do not publish any personal information about other people.
  • The disclosure of E-Mails or other private correspondence is impolite and should not take place without the explicit permission of the author.
  • Always use a meaningful subject line.
  • Please write your contributions in a concise manner. Pages and pages of text are difficult to read on screen.
  • Please observe the appropriate legal regulations.
  • Please be careful when using quotes from works protected by copyright. Quotes must be identified and carry the name of author.
  • Please register only once and not repeatedly.
  • Please check that a valid E-Mail address is used in “My Settings”. If you decide to cancel your E-Mail address entry, please enter a new and valid address.
  • Please avoid using the Online Forum for personal advertising.