Terms of Use

1. Use of the it’s-our-Europe-platform

The information available on the it’s-our-Europe-platform can in general be deployed by anyone without being registered. For access to certain contents or functions a registration is necessary.

2. Services of the it’s-our-Europe-platform

As our services on the it’s-our-Europe-platform are offered free of charge, the it’s-our-Europe-platform is entitled to change, constrain or delete these services without announcement and at any time. Services free of charge do not represent essential contractual obligations. 

3. Contents of the it’s-our-Europe-platform

3.1. The data available on the it’s-our-Europe-platform, especially the pictures, texts, illustrations, graphics etc. are copyrighted material.

3.2. With their registration, participants commit to respect and not to violate the copyrights, ancillary copyrights and trademark rights mentioned in clause 1. The participants confirm to recall, save and use the contents of its-our-europe.eu for private use only. Any other duplication, reconfiguration, public demonstration, circulation, broadcast or other exploitation is illegal.

4. Contents from participants

4.1. The participants are responsible for the accuracy and the lawfulness of their own contents uploaded on the it’s-our-Europe-platform, especially for the texts and pictures, no matter in what mode the upload is effected. The participants assure that the contents uploaded by them do not violate the rights of third persons, particularly copyrights, personal rights or trademark rights, and do not to infringe upon legally valid laws, especially in terms of competition. Its-our-europe.eu is not bound to, but entitled to check up the uploaded contents on violation of the rights of third persons or on violation of competition.

4.2. If the contents from the participants are protected by copyright, trademark right and/or any other property rights, the participants of its-our-europe.eu admit a right of use for the protected contents, particularly the right of duplication, circulation and adaptation as well as the right to make the contents accessible to public.

4.3. The participants are bound to exempt it’s-our-Europe from requirements of third persons, which are caused by a violation of obligations referred to clause 1.

This also covers fines, civil penalties and/or costs which are referred to a criminal prosecution as well as any judicial or extrajudicial costs in the context of a conflict according to civil law.

4.4. If its-our-europe.eu gets informed about a violation of preceding clause 1, its-our-europe.eu is entitled to delete the corresponding contents without permission of the participants, until the circumstances and the legal situation is resolved.

5. Data protection and passwords

5.1. For the use of the its-our-europe.eu-platform our data privacy terms, which you can find here, are applied.

5.2. Participants are bound to respect data privacy and the protection of personal rights. Recallable data and the approved contents must only be used for private purpose; the participants are not entitled to hand data on to third persons.

5.3. Participants are bound to exercise care with the use of passwords, user names or other safety devices connected to the services of its-our-europe.eu and have to assure that the transmission to third persons is prevented. Participants are responsible for damages caused by the unauthorised use of passwords by third persons.

6. Modification of the terms of use

its-our-europe.eu is reserving the right to change its terms of use at any time. The modified terms of use are valid for any registration accomplished after the modification date.

7. Other

Complementary to this terms of use, German right is applied.