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The Luswigsburg Initiative is the result of the forum “It’s ourEurope!”. It was presented on the occasion of the panel discussion at September 21 2012, where both ministers for European affairs Bernard Cazeneuve and Michael Link, as well as the MEPs Sylvie Goulard and Andreas Schwab participated. Furthermore, we succeeded to hand the Initiative over to French President François Hollande after the ceremonial act on September 22.


Charles de Gaulle speaks to the young German people on September 9th 1962 in the courtyard of the Castle of Ludwigsburg.
Charles de Gaulle speaks to the young German people on September 9th 1962 in the courtyard of the Castle of Ludwigsburg.

50th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's speech to the German youth

"It goes without saying, that this solidarity, which is quite natural now, has to be organised. And it is the task of the governments to do it. Above all a viable substance has to be given, which should become especially the work of the young people." – Charles de Gaulle


Ludwigsburg in September 1962: The French President Charles de Gaulle aroused much enthusiasm and hope in his audience during a speech in which he also secured the willingness of young people to support and build a united Europe. The feeling of a new era that Charles de Gaulle pioneered can still be heard in the memories of eyewitnesses of the speech.

Europa heute
global revolution

In 1962 Charles de Gaulle predicted major challenges for Europe. His speech is in many aspects surprisingly topical. Today, as we face a financial and debt crisis, social and demographic challenges and climate change, it seems joint action as Europeans is even more pressing than ever. How can we become more involved in political and social issues and where can we assume more responsibility? Here again, the young people of Europe play a central role

In the “Forum for young people on participation in Europe” young Europeans will explore, identify and analyze questions on current topics regarding the future of Europe. In a “Local Forum” in Ludwigsburg in September 2012 they will then present their results and hold discussions with politicians and international experts. 

How can we shape Europe?

How can we organize ourselves as Europeans to ensure that our common work is on the one hand, democratic, and on the other hand remains efficient and necessary?

How can we respond to the current European challenges (debt crisis, demographic change and energy supply)?

How can we become involved in political and social decision-making?

How can particularly young people be motivated to take on responsibility?

What kind of interaction takes place between politics and society in Europe today?

What difficulties do Europeans face when taking action?  

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