Course of events

Start of the Online Forum

From March 2012 onwards, a Forum titled "It’s our Europe" begins with inter-active networking on the online discussion platform of the project. A majority of the discussions will take place here.

Project work, discussions and exchanging ideas on the Online Forum

The "Online Forum" is visible and accessible only for the participants of the project until the beginning of May 2012. During this time period, groups can familiarize themselves with their topics and can post and discuss their ideas online. From the beginning of May 2012 onwards, the Online Forum will be opened to the public. All those interested can then follow the discussions. If someone who does not belong to the groups participating wishes to take part in the discussions he or she can register as a discussion participant with the Community Manager of the Online Forum Anne-Sophie Barreau. The discussion will also receive contributions from a group of experts.

Local Forum

From the 19-21 September a "Local Forum" will take place. The representatives of the groups of the Online Forum will meet in Ludwigsburg and will present their results and exchange information and ideas with other participants and with international experts.

State ceremony and German-French citizens festival

Group representatives will also participate in the state ceremony and the citizens festival with other high ranking representatives from Germany and France which will take place in the Castle of Ludwigsburg on 22 September 2012.

Positive results for the Parti Socialiste in the first round of parliamentary elections in France

The French have voted on Sunday June 10th for their representatives in parliament. The Parti Socialiste won 29.21% of the votes, while the party UMP of former president Sarkozy obtained 26,62%.

The Front National confirmed its presence amongst the other parties with 13,70% of the votes. Marine le Pen, party leader of the Front National, doubled her votes compared to the elections in 2007 and reached 42,36% in the district Hénin-Beaumont (Nord-Pas-de-Calais).

The Greens EELV obtained 5,46% of the votes and the Front de Gauche of Jean-Luc Mélenchon reached 6,9%.

Similar to the presidential elections there will be a run-off election in two weeks. The party of the new president Hollande hopes now to be able to win the majority of seats in this second round. Adding the votes of all left-wing parties (PS, EELV and Front de Gauche) delivers already 46,77% of the votes.

The second round of parliamentary elections will be held on June 17th.