Ludwigsburg in Europe

In 2012 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the speech of Charles de Gaulle “to the German youth”, that he gave in German in the courtyard of the royal castle. The history between Württemberg and France developed for centuries and even didn’t get destroyed by the Second World War. But it is not just France we come in contact with in Ludwigsburg. The decisive architect of the castle and the city is the Italian Donato Giuseppe Frisoni. Along with him many Italian merchants came to Ludwigsburg and built their stores. And also the Crown Prince, who worked for Catherine the Great in Russia, brought many memories with him when he moved to Ludwigsburg. In this guided tour you will get to know what other exiting relations exist between Ludwigsburg and Europe.

Guide: Wolfgang Könninger
Entry fee: 5 € per person
Meeting point: Fountain in the courtyard of the castle (the middle one)

Appointments 2012:
Sunday 8th of July at 3 pm
Saturday 6th of October at 4 pm

Exploring New Ideas for Student Exchange Visits

After many years the school exchange visits between the Friedrich-Schiller Grammar School and the Collège Saint-Maimboeuf in the French partner city of Montbéliard will be exploring new ideas for the activities planned for this year’s exchange visit.

Last year the German and French youngsters of the 8th form worked together for several days to actively support an environmental project of the City of Ludwigsburg. The project involved the artistic design of tree sculptures to enable a natural shelter for wild bees. These sculptures now adorn both the town parks in Ludwigsburg and Montbéliard and help to expand the natural habitat of these useful insects.

This year, the natural urge of young people to be active will be encouraged and promoted. The unusual concept of a Hip-Hop Workshop led by experienced dancing teachers will enhance the exchange visit. There will be no room for a lack of interaction during the first meetings which was sometimes previously the case as joint training sessions to learn the choreography, to the accompaniment of rhythmical music and the mutual aim of a performance in front of an audience will enable a very special form of a unified and unique experience.

All those involved are very much looking forward to this extraordinary workshop and thank the City of Ludwigsburg and the organizations taking part for their active support.

H. Jansen

Theatre project: Mörike-Grammar School Ludwigsburg and Lycée Polyvalent Saint André Niort

What does Europe mean to young people in Germany and France? Is the juxtaposition and interaction of different cultures in the everyday lives of young people a matter of course? What is role and place does the culture of the young have in society? What role does Europe play? These and many other questions were the basis for a joint theatre project of the Mörike-Grammar School Ludwigsburg and the Lycée Polyvalent Saint André in Niort, France. Together with our partner schools in Niort we are staging a “scenic collage” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous speech given by Charles de Gaulle to the young people of Germany in Ludwigsburg with the title “It’s our Europe”. The actors and actresses are students from the upper school classes from France and Germany. In scenes created together they perform their specific views, opinions and ideas on Europe with the leitmotif “United in diversity” - „Unis dans la diversité“.

Moments: Students capture moments of their everyday school life

The grammar schools of Ludwigsburg are networked with partner schools all over the world. It is the relationships with schools in our partner cities Montbéliard, Caerphilly, Jevpatorija and St. Charles that form an important basis and which have enabled the establishment of student exchanges to Spain, North Africa, Argentina, and just recently to Burkina Faso in West Africa.

This network is now to be activated to enable the creation of a Photo Report on everyday school life in the above mentioned partner cities.

From January to July 2012 students will be capturing images of their daily school life in each of the partner cities and in Ludwigsburg such as breakfast at home, their journey to school, break or lunch time.

Students in Europe will surely have much in common but there will also be grave differences when we gain an insight to the daily lives of the students in Burkina Faso.

A German-French musical celebration of the 50th anniversary of the speech given by Charles de Gaulle in the Ludwigsburg Castle

In 1962, Charles de Gaulle held a famous speech dedicated to the young people of Germany. The French Choir of the Collège Pierre Brossolette from Montbeliard and the Choir and the Orchestra of the Goethe Grammar School in Ludwigsburg will musically accompany the state ceremony.

The works of a French and German composer respectively have been selected; C Te-Deum by George Bizet and the Europe anthem based on the theme “Joys” from the 9th symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven’s 9th symphony is the work of a composer who paid homage to the ideals of friendship, joy and freedom. The final movement of this symphony “Ode to Joy” which breaks all boundaries of time (Lyrics: Friedrich Schiller), has been the basis of the official anthem of Europe since 1972 and the official anthem of the European Union since 1985.

The students of the Collège Pierre Brossolette and the students of the Goethe Grammar School in Ludwigsburg will work together on both works in a concentrated rehearsal phase and will perform the pieces together on 22 September 2012. This is the third time the orchestras and choir have musically interlinked their countries. During their time in Ludwigsburg, our French guests will stay with guest families.