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It's our Europe" in the media

Recently you were able to listen and read a lot of information about Angela Merkel and François Hollande’s visit to Ludwigsburg on September 22 and the work of the speakers at the forum “It’s our Europe!” in the media.

Here is a little selection of the reports - in German and French - for you. You might find some of the goups’ speakers on the photos ;-)


ARD, Europamagazin: "Deutschland/Frankreich – 50 Jahre de Gaulle Rede"

LKZ: „Heute Abschluss des Jugendforums“

und  Fotostrecke

ARTE: "Ludwigsburg: Jugendliche schreiben die Zukunft Europas"

SWR: „’Merkollande’ feiern 50 Jahre enge Bande“

FAZ: Deutsch-französische Beziehungen. Maultaschen in Freundschaft

Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Fotostrecke

JUGEND für Europa: A nous l'Europe! - It's our Europe! - Europa nur mit uns!


DNA: „Changement de génération“

TF1 : "Merkel et Hollande célèbrent l'amitié franco-allemande malgré la crise"


Clips about the local forum in Ludwigsburg

The two participants Alexandra Krämer and Evelyn Hoffarth from the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences documented the opening event and the workshop sessions for you. You can watch the clips about the local forum in Ludwigsburg here.

"Last exchange of knowledge"
Film ab!
"Let's go to work!"
Film ab!
The opening event
Start the film!
Impressions of the German-French citizens festival on 22 September 2012
Film ab!

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is answering your questions!

Start the film!

“We are Europe!”

This title was given to their manifesto by Ulrich Beck and Daniel Cohn-Bendit. In the manifesto they call for a “European year of volunteering”. According to them, Europe is dependent on its citizens and the vision of younger generations in order to get out of the debt crisis.

The participants of the Franco-German Youth Office have asked Daniel Cohn-Bendit questions concerning the manifesto “We areEurope!”. In the following interview he answers them - in German - for you and for the forum “It’s our Europe”.

The manifesto is available here:



Film from the group in Schwäbisch Hall

FrancoFeel – Das Frankreich-Magazin
Click on the photo to watch the film!

“From a migrant to an integrated self-responsibility or responsibility of the society?” This question is asked by the group of the “Gymnasium bei St. Michael” in Schwäbisch Hall. In their film the group members present their results in English, German, and French. Plus, they show how they were working in the forum “It’s our Europe!”.


A big thank you for this great film from Ludwigsburgto Schwäbisch Hall:)!


“See you in Ludwigsburg!”

These words on the part of François Hollande finally made it official: the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French President will participate together in the state ceremony in Ludwigsburg in honour of the 50th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s speech to the German youth.

The celebration will take place in the castle courtyard of Ludwigsburg on 22September 2012. It represents the beginning of the festivities of the Franco-German year commemorating de Gaulle’s journey to Germany and his state visit in Ludwigsburgin September 1962 as well as the signing of the Elysée Treaty in January 1963. After the ceremony a Franco-German citizens’ festival will take place. In the run-up to the celebration, the online discussion forum for young people on participation in Europe“It’s ourEurope” has been organized by the city of Ludwigsburg together with the Franco-German Institute. From 19 to 21 September 2012, the speakers of the participating groups will meet in Ludwigsburgand present their results during the “Local Forum”. At the same time the international academic conference “The Future of Democracy inEurope. Participation and Sustainability in Political Decision-Making” will take place at the Franco-German Institute.

The prominent guests announced their visit in Ludwigsburgduring the commemorative ceremony in Reims on Sunday, 8th July 2012. Angela Merkel’s and François Hollande’s meeting on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Franco-German reconciliation was a celebration of the two nations’ special friendship. By saying “Vive l’amitié franco-allemande!” (Long live Franco-German friendship) during her speech, Chancellor Merkel acknowledged Konrad Adenauer’s and Charles de Gaulle’s legacy.

In Reims, François Hollande and Angela Merkel also opened the exhibition “De Gaulle – Adenauer: founders of the Franco-German friendship” which will be shown in Ludwigsburgin September 2012.

You can find more information concerning the 50th anniversary of Franco-German reconciliation in Reims in these articles:

We are starting into phase 3!

The participants have dealt in phase 2 with the subject of political participation and democracy.

During phase 3, based on their previous findings, they are going to search for possible solutions as well as policy recommendations in relation to their topic.

Therefore we expanded the forum: each subject area does now have a common discussion room in which they can discuss their topic and their results together with the other groups and experts. This is the “meeting point” for the result of the third phase and the preparation of the local forum.